Mobile Friendly Page

A Mobile Friendly site means a phone friendly site. Today, while phones and tablets are now enough to provide 100% internet access, you may be asking what is the need for mobile friendly sites. Or, if your phone and tablet are opening a site, you may be thinking that this is a mobile friendly site. But that's not exactly the case. In order for a site to be mobile friendly, first of all, when you enter this site, you should not need to zoom in or zoom out the page. In other words, you should be able to see the full content of the site comfortably. Then the buttons should be easy to use. So it would be a big mistake to place the buttons smaller and more often to display the entire page. If the user cannot navigate comfortably within the site, he starts looking for an alternative to this site. Another important point is the loading time of the site. That is, when we enter your site's address or when we click on your site in the search engine, the time required for the site to be fully displayed and the content to be loaded. In this case, if your site is a mobile-friendly site, the content will optimize the content for mobile devices (reducing image sizes, editing the quality of video images)..
So, will our site not work without completing these features? Of course it will work too. But Search engine bots will understand that your site is not mobile-friendly during the analysis of your site, and will prevent your site from rising in search engine rankings This situation may cause your business to be delayed or regressed.