SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the recognition of your site in the digital world. Let's say you have a marketing business and you want to move your business to the online (virtual) world. As a first step, you designed and published a website. But your site doesn't do any work, whereas your design has been stylish and professional. The reason for this will be the wrong SEO work in the first place. So how is the site recognized in the digital world? And most importantly, what good does it do for us to be recognized? Why not recognize an already digitally created site?
First of all, let's understand how Search engines work: Search engines such as Google and yandex scan your site and check its content. For this control scan, automatic bots are directed to your site, which starts from the topics on the site, and examines the meta information, keywords and even the image content and image name down to the finest details. Apart from properly entered information and keywords, many important information such as whether the site is mobile-friendly, loading speed, links to the site and so on are checked. If all the information is compatible and correct, it will accelerate you to rank higher in the search engine. Here, in short, is the optimization of the search engine.